Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Our team learns to 'pose like a Brazilian'. Way to go, Allen & Becca, we see you!

We have the BEST Classrooms!

Class meeting at Praia Vermelha. Gorgeous location on the beach, across from Sugarloaf. The top of Sugarloaf was in the clouds, as we were a bit later when we took the gondola ride to the top!

Brazil Team's Unofficial Meeting Place

Our neighborhood hangout- for a snack, cold drink or accessing Orozco's wireless internet! Just across the street from our official meeting place. What were they thinking when they named this place?

Brazil Team 2012 Meets Corcovado

View from the Favela-vator

School administrators are inventive! Thanks, Jana, for the photo and the new word, 'FAVELA-VATOR'. I am sure Websters Dictionary will be adding it soon!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


After 3 days of work by the 'first wave' of administrators, the 'second wave' of our wonderful team joined us in Rio. After months of work, conference calls, and details- we are ALL here, on the ground, in gorgeous Rio. Finally we matched real people to the pictures on our team page and voices on the conference calls. Yes, Linda O. is almost as tall as Allen (in her mind). And Jana is smaller than her pic would lead us to believe; and her mom, Susan, is just as delightful. Mark's finally hit the waves, surfing Linda's board in Ipanema. And Becca, Gail and Glenda opened their lovely apartment for the larger team meeting. Carmelita's our bravest, bringing her 2-year old & husband, Jeff, too. While Lucy appears to be an old-pro, with husband and her two children traveling like veterans. Lydia's turned into our team photographer, capturing the sights and sharing on DropBox. While Wadean taught Linda O. the difference between Subway sandwich shop and the actual subway stop in Ipanema. Jackie has a ready smile, and her retired attitude are the envy of the group. Linda K. was last but not least to arrive-- but made it only 20 mins. late, considering she thought she might not make it at all! It's hard to believe we get any work done in this gorgeous environment with all these great people, but nose's to grindstone, we do!

Rio thru Lydia's Lens

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